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We provide a comprehensive Guitar repair service with the utmost skill and care, in a timely fashion and at a reasonable cost.


All standard and Custom Services You Need

Guitar repair requires skills and the right tools to deal with any type of instrument and offer maximum flexibility. Check out the standard and optional features of the PLEK STATION, which is used by reputed repair shops throughout the world. The Plek Station can also be used for research and development, or quality control.

About Our Custom work

Just a short list of some of the work we do. Each instrument is different as is the owner/player and requires full analysis before work begins.

  • Adjust Nut slots for proper height, width and pitch

  • Adjust Saddle height and profile to match the fingerboard radius

  • Truss rod adjustment for correct neck relief provides for best possible playability

  • Intonation, Tuners and Pickup heights adjusted

  • Sprouted or sharp Fret Ends filed

  • Open wood Fingerboards scraped, steel wooled and oiled

  • Body cleaned and polished

Recent Tuneups:

Fender Squire HSS

Gibson Les Paul Studio Tribute

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